Who the hell is Dan anyway?

I’ve been kicking around for a while now and in that time I’ve developed a slightly skewed view of life with a pinch of sarcasm, a splash of cynicism and about half a bottle of ‘what the fuck?’.

Admittedly this outlook isn’t popular at, say, funerals…but otherwise it’s served me well.

I think life is too short to take things super serious all the time and there is usually something going on around me that makes me laugh.  That said, there is usually something going on around me that pisses me off too.

This blog is about these things.

There’s nothing else of interest to say, so here’s some music….

4 thoughts on “Who the hell is Dan anyway?

  1. Omg…..hysterical. I actually heard about your blog talking to your wife this morning. I’m from Sevenoaks, but live in NY. We had a long chat….i know ALL about you 😜
    Anyway, great reads….keep them coming

    • Hi Carrie….yes, my wife mentioned you at lunch. Believe it or not, my parents owned a restaurant in Sevenoaks back in the 80’s called ‘The Barn’. I don’t know if it’s still there. Small world eh? Glad you liked the post…even with the vulgar language and lewd references. Sometimes it just adds to the humour (with a ‘u’). As my friend says; they’re sentence enhancers. I have to agree 😉

      There are PLENTY of “here’s what i’ve discovered since living in America” posts. Anything from August 2015 🙂

      Have a great one!!!!

  2. Stumbled upon this blog by accident, courtesy of Google – and it’s turned an otherwise dull and pointless morning at work into much less dull and pointless morning at work…

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