Costa fficient?

I’m sat on the train to work and I’m thinking about my time in the US, particularly the stupidity and arrogance of the indigenous people therein. 
Firstly, how can they claim their store, business or product is ‘World Famous’ when it clearly isn’t?  I hate to break it to you America, but your ‘World Famous Pancake Combos’ are only known amongst the heavier majority of your fine nation, not the world. It’s true, I checked. I asked my mum and she’d never heard of them.
Whilst on the subject, what’s with the World Series of baseball? I believe that’s just you guys too….
But the arrogance is tolerable; it’s the stupidity that I find fascinating.
Point in question; we went for a morning bagel and coffee one morning. The bagel shop seemed nice enough; complete with staff who didn’t get our British humour or sarcasm but were happy to smile nonetheless.
They were selling coffee in three sizes; small, medium and large. Now that may seem normal and sensible until you consider this….
They were all free refills. 

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