Walk on the wild(ish) side?

I’ve just been out for a lunchtime walk into London town.  This was for 2 reasons really; firstly to get some fresh air and secondly to peruse the shops for any January Sales bargains….despite the fact it’s still December.

As I trotted along the street I approached a police car sat by the kerb with its engine running.  I quickly adopted my ‘I’m not up to anything suspicious so please don’t look at me’ walk.

And don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about.  We all have one.  We usually adopt it when walking through the ‘Nothing To Declare’ customs channel at the airport.

Anyway, as I get closer to the car the bright reflection of the sky on the windscreen subsides and I can see that the car is empty.  That’s right, I’m stood next to an empty police car idling by the kerb…with no sign of a police officer anywhere.

With this in mind, can someone please explain to me the sudden and overwhelming urge I had to get in the driver’s seat and drive off?

What the hell?

I’m a pretty law abiding citizen with a modicum of common sense, so I know that the moment I get into this car the owners will come running and most likely arrest me; yet I still found it incredibly hard to just walk by! 

Moreover, as I walked away I played this scenario over and over in my head and do you know what I concluded?  If it had been a private car I wouldn’t have even considered getting in and driving off.

What is wrong with me?

2 thoughts on “Walk on the wild(ish) side?

  1. Actually that thought crossed my mind too. But I didn't have my submachine gun or rocket launcher, so it just seememd a bit fruitless….y'know?Of all the days to leave them at home!

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