A missed opportunity

Have you ever overheard someone being asked a question and wished you’d been able to answer it instead?

In The Sail Loft cafe at St. Michael’s Mount, Cornwall, I heard….

Customer – “Excuse me, do you do takeaway coffee?”
Girl in cafe – “Im sorry, no we don’t; we’re not set up for it.  There is a cafe on the other side that might”
Customer – “Ok, thank you”

What I would love to have heard was…

Customer – “Excuse me, do you do takeaway coffee?”
Girl in cafe – “You can try but we’ll probably rugby tackle you to the ground”
Customer – “I’m sorry, what??”

Now wouldn’t that have been more amusing? I could’ve written a blog entry about it and everything.

6 thoughts on “A missed opportunity

  1. Yeah, your right. That is too much. I’m going to stick with the running into the kitchen idea. At least I will get the effect of seeming insane without offending anybody.

    • The privilege was all mine for being there to hear that golden moment.

      I dare you to do my version the next time you’re asked. Alternatively scream at them “No! We don’t do takeaway! For the last time no!!!” and then run screaming into the kitchen.

      Too much?

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