Are you being followed too?


It’s following me.

I know, I know, I sound a bit crazy…but I’m serious, I see it everywhere.

It all started with the awesome song by Prince called….yep, you guessed it…. ‘319’.

I didn’t think anything of it (except for it being a great track) until I starting noticing the numbers popping up from time to time.

I’d say, “Ha, it’s like the Prince song”, but that was it; just a coincidence.  However, over time I noticed it more and more.

  • Often, when I look at the time it just happens to be 3:19pm.
  • A few times I’ve woken up in the night to pee and when I come back to bed my alarm clock says 3:19am.
  • I once took a walk into town during a late lunch break and wandered into a store that sold household furnishings. As I passed the section that sold clocks I noticed they ALL said 3:19pm (I could’ve walked past or looked up at 3:18pm or 3:20pm, but no)
  • Many times I’ve loaded up a video game from my last save and noticed I’ve had 319 coins, or 319 experience points, or 319 health, or 319 bullets left etc.
  • Usually when I visit the supermarket to pick up something specific like, I don’t know, a roast chicken or a cheese grater; the price will be £3.19. And it will be the ONLY item at that price.
  • Last night I was fast forwarding through an American football game (because I was only interested in the final score) and I needed to pee, so I pressed pause and the game clock was at 3:19.

I remember the time I first told my wife about this oddity. At the time she was still living in America (in Nevada to be precise) so the conversation was over Skype.  I was using my phone because the charger for my laptop had died.  There was a problem with the version of Skype on my phone which meant the video didn’t work so we were forced to speak the old fashioned way with just audio.

Just audio! Can you imagine?

What next? Drums and smoke signals?  Maybe we should just grunt and throw our poo at each other.

Anyway, as I was telling her about this number stalking me I could hear her tone of voice becoming that of someone slowly backing towards the door or reaching for pepper spray. I couldn’t blame her; I know how insane it sounds.

During this conversation I was also looking for my laptop because I needed to find out what the required voltage was so I could buy the correct replacement power cable.  It was then that I noticed the serial number on the back of my laptop.

It was something like HP759187564-319.

I was actually mid conversation about this number and there it was, as clear as day. I felt like Hurley in ‘Lost’.

(Oh, and by the way, Nevada is home to State Route 319).


Is it just me or do others have this weird thing with numbers?

Am I seeing it because I want to see it?

I mean, I work in travel, so should I be concerned about this?

a319 plane

Surely others see 319 everywhere too, but they just don’t pay attention to it because, well, they have a life?  I see lots of numbers every day but that doesn’t mean they’re stalking me.

Am I going crazy?

Should I be taking medication?


Earlier this year I decided to have 319 incorporated into an existing tattoo I have on my shoulder.

When I told my tattooist and long term friend about it he was understanding (at least that’s what he said from the doorway whilst holding pepper spray).  I recall going home later that day and then something happened with 319 that made him say “Bloody hell, you’re right!”, but annoyingly I can’t remember what it was!

He was a bit freaked out.

Anyway, here is what it looks like.

319 tattoo arm

I actually had it done on March the 19th (3/19) at 3:19pm exactly.  Of course!

So why am I telling you about this now?

Well, this is my 319th post.

Seemed fitting.

3 thoughts on “Are you being followed too?

  1. 319 is my stalker number, too!! That is so strange. I’ve flown on an airbus 319 more times than I can count. I see 319 AT LEAST once a day… one of my weirdest moments was when I ran cross country in high school and my bib number happened to be 319–I had an asthma attack and couldn’t finish the race.
    But this weirdness has been happening to me for years. Everything you described in this post is exactly the same situation for me. I was even thinking about getting a tattoo too.
    I always wondered if anyone else experienced this.

    • Wow, and there was me thinking I was the only one! Weirdly I’ve seen it a LOT more recently. I have a friend who sees a different number, but you’re the only other person I’ve known of who sees 319. If you get the chance, listen to the song by Prince. it’s aaaaawesome! O-+->

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