Slower than the speed of lights

I start work very early in the morning; 4am to be precise.  This means I leave the house around 3:10am which, as you can imagine, is an easy drive with minimal traffic and plenty of dubious drunk people walking the streets.

Well, this morning it was me and a pick up truck heading in the same direction towards the freeway.  To be honest I wasn’t anticipating it would be him and me for very long as he was going about 15 miles per hour slower than me.  Before long he was a small twinkling dot of light in my rear view mirror.

And yet, he reached the freeway before I did.


Fucking traffic lights.

That’s right, every set of traffic lights turned red as I approached them.




What the hell is the problem with lights in this city?  There’s not another soul on the road for miles around, and yet the lights turn red to allow all the cars that aren’t sat there the opportunity to not go anywhere.

So of course, as I’m sat there giving way to all the invisible traffic and tumbleweeds, the twinkling dot behind me is getting bigger and bigger.  Then, just as he’s about 20 feet behind me, the lights turn green and he flies past me.  The fucker didn’t even need to apply his brakes.


Despite overtaking that prick about 30 times, he still got there before me.

But I’m OK with it, really.

Pick Up Boom!!

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