Gotta Start Somewhere….



Never done it before….

Bit scary to be honest; putting yourself out there for all and sundry to read, review and ignore.  I guess this is the literary version of dancing around a pole wearing nothing but a smile and a sense of nervous shame.

But don’t worry…this isn’t what my blog is all about.  It’s not stripper metaphors and cheap laughs (well, maybe a couple)….this first entry is purely ‘cos I want to see my words up on the interweb.

After this it’ll be daily musings, observations, and pretty much anything that titillates me (stripper joke already?  Really?).

This all started when I had requests to put my Facebook status’s* online as they were fast becoming the daily staple diet for all my friends and family to read.  They all told me how much they looked forward to my (comedy?) ramblings.

Hmm, maybe the word ‘ramblings’ was a clue to quit while I was ahead,,,,

For all I know, it’s only them who’ll read it…in which case I should’ve stuck to Facebook.  I might be like those deluded individuals on the X-Factor who believe they have the vocal talents of Whitney Houston because they got applause at the Dog & Duck Thursday night karaoke sessions; when in reality they sound like Joe Pasquale going through a chipper and it was pity clapping.  So here I stand, on the virtual stage, about to open my mouth and impress.

Or not.

Anyway….without further ado….I’m going to finish this first entry and start putting my original Facebook status updates on here so I’ve got them all in one place (even though they’re already on Facebook)

*or is it stati….like cactus’s is cacti?

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