A laugh a day helps you work, rest and play

The suited and booted businessman opposite me on the train is clearly watching something funny on his iphone.  

Every 30 seconds or so he does his best to suppress his laughter, which he’s failing at miserably.  

He’s mostly snorting a lot, but occasionally he pauses what he’s watching, looks out the window and tries to calm down.  It really ain’t working for him.  

There’s nothing quite like trying to pull a normal face when all your face wants to do is resemble a cat licking piss off a thistle.  

I’m not mocking this guy in any way. In fact it’s just a reminder that life should not always be taken so seriously.  

Ah, he has totally lost it now, complete with wheezing, snorts and rocking in his seat. Good for him.  

The young girl next to him is desperately looking around for somewhere else to sit, but the train is packed. Just sit there and enjoy the moment like I am, you miserable cowbag.  

That’s it mate, mop your brow with your handkerchief; you deserve it.  


4 thoughts on “A laugh a day helps you work, rest and play

  1. I dont remember any TV series, I was born quite yesterday at Heathrow so to speak. But I read a few books and they almost made me laugh in public but I censored myself. I don't want to end up on blogspot somewhere… 🙂

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