The world is full of stupid – Part 1

I’ve decided to start posting anything I see that defies common sense and logic.

There may only ever be a ‘Part 1’, but I seriously doubt it.

If truth be told, i’m a bit annoyed I didn’t think of doing this sooner because there are literally millions of examples of stupid out there that I’ve simply rolled my eyes at and done nothing with.

So here is the first (of many) that I saw on a candle in a supermarket yesterday.


I rest my case.

Funny, on the hole….

“Oh no!” I hear my girlfriend cry from behind me in our Cuban hotel room.

I turn around, fearing the worst; “what is it?”

“There’s a hole in my beach bag!” she says, poking her finger through the hole just so it’s clear there’s definitely a hole.

“Oh no, where did that come from?”

She pauses.


I laughed all the way to breakfast.