Wet walk

It’s clearly been raining through the night as the ground was still quite wet during my early morning walk to the train station.  At least it wasnt raining so I’ll stay nice and dry.  

Imagine the joy I felt as I walked under a tree where it still seemed to be raining heavily.  One can only assume this is due to the bastard water retention in the bastard leaves. As a result I got a massive drip in the face and one down the back of my neck. There are top darts players and snipers out there who couldn’t have achieved such ball-twitching accuracy.  

I hadn’t walked more than 10 feet, whilst cursing the tree, when I stood on a loose paving stone that shot a gallon of refreshingly cold rainwater up and over the lower half of my trousers, dousing my shoes which have the water resistant properties of tissue found in wedding invitations.  

Awesome. My feet were too warm and dry anyway.

It’s going to be one of those days.

To your health!

Have you ever walked past a bench or tree surrounded by empty beer cans?

Me too.

It’s a sign that, at some point last night, there was a social gathering which no doubt pissed off the occupants of the surrounding houses. Either that or a lone drunk having dinner.

So can someone explain to me what it means when you see a tree surrounded by 10-12 bottles of Actimel and Yakult?

I can understand an addiction to alcohol; but L. Casei Immunitas?

Is there a Probiotics Anonymous?