An ASSinine moment.

“There’s a bum fight outside”

I have literally just heard this across the office from one of my work mates.

I stood bolt upright.

“What did you just say???”

“There’s a bum fight happening outside”, he repeated.

Halfway through my Olympic record sprint to the window I realised he was talking about this:


Whereas I imagined this:


Damn you America…..damn you.


This evening I saw a man pick up half a cigarette off the floor and go one step further than

This man that wasn’t a tramp or a homeless person begging for change, but a regular well dressed man with a plastic bag full of fresh shopping.

He walked about 10 feet, put the shoe flattened cigarette in his mouth and I promptly threw up.

Ok, that’s not entirely true… but yuck nonetheless.


Makes you think…

On my way to the tube station this evening I saw three guys on the floor going through their bags, clearly looking for something they’ve lost.

I hate it when that happens.

As I got closer I realised that they weren’t rummaging through personal bags or rucksacks, they were bin bags.

These were three homeless guys outside Greggs (the bakers) looking for any food that had been thrown out by the rest of us who didn’t fancy it.

I realise this is my first ‘non humorous’ post, but this experience was so humbling and had such an impact on me that I couldn’t just forget about it.

It really makes you appreciate what you’ve got.